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NumberTypeTitleCategoryClosing DateAddendum
LACDA19-093RFP - Request for Proposals Request For Proposals for Lead Paint Hazard Mitigation Construction ServicesConstruction01/16/2020 2:00 PM2
LACDA19-104RFSQ - Request for Statement of Qualifications Lead-Based Paint Testing and Consulting ServicesService 12/06/2019 4:00 PM2
LACDA19-105RFP - Request for Proposals Temporary Relocation Consulting ServicesService 12/09/2019 4:00 PM1
LACDA19-106RFP - Request for Proposals West Los Angeles Courthouse Development ProjectService 01/21/2020 9:30 AM0
LACDA19-111RFSQ - Request for Statement of Qualifications Asbestos, Lead, and Mold Consulting ServicesService 12/31/2019 12:00 PM0
LACDA19-114IFB - Invitation for Bids Orchard Arms Unit Flooring ProjectConstruction12/23/2019 2:00 PM0
LACDA19-116IFB - Invitation for Bids South Bay Gardens Roofing ProjectConstruction12/16/2019 2:00 PM0
LACDA19-130IFB - Invitation for Bids Herbert Kitchen Rehabilitation ProjectConstruction12/12/2019 2:00 PM1
LACDA19-134IFB - Invitation for Bids Translation and Interpretation ServicesService 12/24/2019 11:00 AM0
LACDA19-135RFQ - Request for Quotes Outplacement and Career Transition ServicesService 12/11/2019 3:00 PM1
LACDA19-137RFP - Request for Proposals Social Justice and Equity Consulting ServicesService 12/16/2019 3:00 PM0
LACDA19-140RFP - Request for Proposals Willowbrook Joint Development Project Site Service 01/30/2020 3:00 PM1

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